One man, one passion… MUSIC!

I don’t really want to bore people with what I do in my spare time, most people who know me know I just can’t enough of this drug I call music. If I’m not making my own songs, I’m listening to music I love, or venturing into massive ‘never in your lifetime will you listen to everything music has to offer on this earth’. Well, I’m aware of this, but that doesn’t stop me listening to as much as I can!

Here you will find links to many Spotify playlists. If you don’t have Spotify, you can use it for free here.

~ Music Is Life ~

These are playlists of about 150 songs in each volume. These are just random songs I already love and new ones when I’m exploring new music. These are mixed up songs that I love in someway. Check them out! How many do you know from each playlist?

~ Music Is Life #1 ~

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